Posted by: rumahdoalampung | May 8, 2009

Prophetic Words

Chuck Pierce:

“Prophetic Word Released for a Time Such as This: BE READY!” And “South Korea, California, Florida, Taiwan and China: BE READY!”
Apr 10, 2009

Prophetic Word Released—for a Time Such as This:

The Lord says, “Let the sound of reformation come into you. Feel the brooding of My Spirit over you. My Spirit brooded over the confusion of the earth realm, and I can brood over your confusion. Fully submit your spirit to gain insight into My plan of reformation. Ministries are reforming. Lives are reforming. Cities are changing. Church gatherings are reforming. There is a cataclysmic ending and beginning going on in the earth that is creating My plan of fullness.

“There is a mounting up. Angels are guarding your reforming. Life systems around you are changing. The water is being applied to the clay and the Potter’s wheel is accelerating. You must be ready and start coming up and I’ll meet you halfway. I will overshadow you as you ascend. I will shadow you and bring you through the confusion you’ve been in. Be ready. Come up. Ascend and watch that confusion end.

“I am making you ready now. Watch Me get you ready. Be ready to move with Me quickly. Be ready to make a quick decision. Be ready to move and advance with Me. Be ready for the third day. Be ready for the change. Be ready for your new assignment. Be ready to move with Me. Be ready, for the third day is coming over you and overshadowing you!

“I am working in your life to make you ready. Like Peter’s mother-in-law, be ready to rise up from that fever that has held you down. Be ready to serve Me. Be ready to go up. Be ready to be assigned. Be ready to make that change. Be ready to go forward. Be ready to demonstrate My power in the path where I have placed you.

“Be ready for the change that is about to happen in your life. Be ready! Sanctify and ready yourself, for this is a day that I will call you quickly and change your circumstance quickly and cause you to rise up. From the direction you were taking, you will shift immediately. Be ready, for changes are coming—suddenly. I AM singing ‘Suddenly! Suddenly!’ Sing with Me and ready yourself to move quickly.

“Be ready for the call. Keep your lamp ready. Keep the oil filled within you. Make ready. Be ready. Move forward with Me when I call, for the call is ‘on the way’ to you. Many of you have grown weary in the delay, but be ready, for this day of change is upon you. Do not grow weary in doing what is right. Keep your lamps trimmed. My hour of visitation is near you. Be ready and don’t go to sleep. Be ready to move.

“Defend Your Hope Today”


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